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preserve from是什么意思 preserve from在线翻译 preserve from什么意思 preserve from的意思 preserve from的翻译 preserve from的解释 preserve from的发音

preserve from

preserve from 双语例句

1. preserve from的意思

1. But as to the Sail, that was my particular Care; I knew I had old Sails, or rather Pieces of old Sails enough; but as I had had them now six and twenty Years by me, and had not been very careful to preserve them, not imagining that I should ever have this kind of Use for them, I did not doubt but they were all rotten, and indeed most of them were so; however, I found two Pieces which appear'd pretty good, and with these I went to Work, and with a great deal of Pains, and awkward tedious stitching for Want of Needles, I at length made a three Corner'd ugly Thing, like what we call in England, a Shoulder of Mutton Sail, to go with a Boom at bottom, and a little short Sprit at the Top, such as usually our Ships Long Boats sail with, and such as I best knew how to manage; because it was such a one as I had to the Boat, in which I made my Escape from Barbary, as related in the first Part of my Story.

2. preserve from什么意思

2. CP October 18th, 1994 from the Government guiding to implement Environment preserve law and Decree No.
    法令号175/CP:1994年10月18号政府引导执行环境保护法,法令号143/2004/N -CP2004年7月12号政府关于修正,并加入条款14于法令号175/CP1994年10月18号政府引导执行环境保护法。

3. 18 To preserve his soul from the pit, his life from perishing by the sword.
    33:18 拦阻人不陷於坑里、不死在刀下。

4. In order to preserve their sacred records from the Romans and other profane groups, the Essenes hid such records in caves and crypts, and inside pottery jars especially made for this purpose.

5. This system operation is simple, provides the similar negotiable securities quotation software's operation contact surface, provides to be listed complete financial reporting and the related analysis target, provides nearly more than 30 kind of character indices and carries on the tabulation screening analysis from the definition target to all companies, provides all stock similar Buffett value analysis, provides all stock basic situation analysis, provides all stock specific target and the specific time contrastive analysis, through increases the attention stock the form the company which pays attention to the user to carry on the contrastive analysis; Provides the profession and the local classification random target analysis; Carries on the tabulation analysis, the graph analysis to all analysis target; Uses the trend analysis, the structure analysis, methods and so on ratio analysis, comparative analysis; The analysis result may preserve is the Xls document, the Word documents; And has both by the memorial to the emperor the analysis report from the property debt condition, the profit condition, the cost condition, the operational risk, the cash flow condition, the financial benefit condition, the property operation condition, the credit capacity condition, the develop power condition, the financial difficult position predictive parsing, the fund chain analysis and so on many aspects carries on the overall analysis to enterprise's management and the financial situation.

6. Even in museums speci a l conditions a re required to preserve it from d a m a ge.

7. A layer of snow can preserve soil moisture and prevent it from freezing.

8. He looked over everything to do with the hunt, sent a pack of hounds and huntsmen on ahead to cut off the wolf from behind, got on his chestnut Don horse, and whistling to the dogs of his leash, he set off across the threshing-floor to the field leading to the Otradnoe preserve.

9. preserve from的解释

9. The predecessors have studied a lot to the pharmaco-analysis of the puerarin from clinical. They found that the puerarin is a effective medicine for the endeictic of high blood pressure, hyperlipemia, coronary artery disease, angina cordis, cerebral thrombosis, and at the same time, the therapeutic efficacy of puerarin is very effective to preserve the arterial blood vessel endothelial, to treat the disease of artherosclerosis, to prevent the thrombogenesis.

10. Jelly and jam: Thick preserve s made from fruit and sugar.

11. It had become a religion with him to preserve in good condition all that had lapsed from his mother's hands to his own.

12. preserve from的翻译

12. Thomas Jefferson believed that to preserve the very foundations of our nation, we would need dramatic change from time to time.

13. preserve from的意思

13. The quality of interior environment in nursing home residents will become one of the attention-getting subjects due to the gradual increase of aging populations This paper directs at the research of nursing home`s interior environment factors in Tainan We use the standard of international practice to analyze the intrinsical data of environmental monitoring and establish the characteristics which from environmental physical reaction of nursing home The research items are air environments (PM10 CO CO2 formaldehyde TVOC) temperate environments and light environment (illumination average brightness daylight factor) etc There are the inductive conclusions of this research: 1 In basic medicine the clinical diagnosis means the theory and technique about physical examination with patients The definition of clinical diagnosis in architecture should be the diagnosis of building preserve and improve the feasible way to extend building`s service life and assure the residents of the healthy quality of interior environment The object of clinical diagnosis in architecture is not only to ensure the use of structure and environment quality but also keep the structure and environment quality in sustainable; therefore creating an efficient system of preserving plan is needed 2 It is an accurate and technical circumstance which about improving remedying and reconstructing the problems of structure space This circumstance includes finding questions ensuring causation ascertaining ultimate strength evaluating environment quality estimating the necessary of restoration and implementing on a suitable way Furthermore when reconstructing and ameliorating the appearance of structure space it should be respected and the memories of it should be preserved 3 In clinical diagnosis of environment quality of space the question of physical environment and the deficiencies of structure must be separated The structure space of construction and the high quality of space should be inspected strictly then observed the crucial reason that can find out any invisible and hidden causes The diagnosis of construction is to observe the reason of destroyed structure The environmental diagnosis of indoor and outdoor is to find out the crucial reason that influences health 4 In order to decrease the iterant problems the construction and environment of space should be diagnosed However the destruction by natural strength and artificial using by human are important causes that can affect the service life of construction Searching the cause of disease just like curing the patient which includes inspection diagnosis cure and prevention We tested the thermal conductivity of siding material in this research and then found out the roof east vertical face and west vertical face have most radiant heat especially the construction of RC The characteristics of opaquely outer casing have relations with the thermal conductivity of wall to wiz the ability of heat insulation Therefore increasing the efficiency of heat insulation and decreasing the endoergic factor of insolation are very important to temperate environments
      而随著国内老年人人口逐渐增加,逐渐迈向高龄化之同时,对於高龄者使用空间之室内环境品质相关议题之探讨,亦成为未来我们需加以关注之议题之一。主要为针对台南某安养中心室内环境因子进行检测调查工作,利用现场室内环境测定以取得有效的实测数据;再藉由汇整相关国际评估基准,并进行实测数据比对分析,建立老人安养中心对物理环境反应之特性。并以前期相关研究文献回顾与老人安养中心实测案例现场的实验,来了解不同空间物理环境特性之影响,并将结果回馈实际建筑及室内设计之用。调查工作项目包含:空气环境之PM10、CO、CO2、甲醛、TVOC;温热环境之室内温度、相对湿度、人体PMV、PPD;光环境之照度、均齐度、昼光率等因子调查。本研究结果可归纳以下几点结论:1 所谓临床诊断医学乃相对於基础医学而言,是指实际与病人接触的医疗及护理行为中牵涉到的理论和技术;而建筑的临床诊断的定义应为建筑本体与室内外诊断、维护及改善所有可行的方式来延长建筑物的寿命,并确保人与室内环境空间品质的健康。建筑临床诊断目的为确保结构体与环境品质能继续使用,而能维持所需要的效能及承受能力。一个有效的维护计画体系是必须建立的 2 在建筑空间之问题改善、治疗与修复执行中,是一个精确与技术性的事项,其中包含找出问题、确定原因、评估结构应力强度、评估环境品质、评估修复与改善必要性、选择及执行一个适当的过程。其改善与修复也必须尊重建筑空间原有色彩与形貌,并保留原有记忆及文化。3 在临床诊断中空间环境品质中,物理性环境问题与结构构件缺陷必须分别判断,诊断建筑空间之结构与空间舒适品质必须详细观察其症结性问题,才能发现任何隐藏及有潜伏性缺陷的原因。建筑本体诊断是观察出建筑本体之破坏原因,而是内外空间环境诊断目的在於的找出影响健康因素之症结性问题。4 建筑本体与空间环境之预防评估目的为降低与抑制问题的再发生。然而,自然力的破坏与人为使用因素皆是影响建筑生命期之主要因素,找出病源问题就如同医生对病人的处理,包含了侦查、诊断、治疗以及预防。5 本研究以外墙材料热传导率测试结果发现,屋面与东西向立面是承受辐射热最多的地方,尤以 RC 的建筑更甚,不透明部分的外壳能特性主要与壁体的热传透率即隔热能力有关,但是承受来自日射的吸热影响,因此增加隔热性能与降低日射吸热因子是对温热环境是非常重要的。

14. preserve from

14. I won't name them to preserve you from getting sued but here are some hints...

15. Pope Benedict has called on young Catholics from around the world to preserve the Earth's environment and reject materialism and pop culture.
      罗马天主教皇本笃 16 世敦促世界各地的年轻天主教徒维护地球环境,排斥物质主义和流行文化。

16. ABR prolongs the flow, enhance mixing and meeting between sludge and substance, strengthen effectively the matter transfer without increase volume of ABR. The flow in ABR is similar to the ideal flow which complete fixing partial and plug flow whole; (6) It is necessary that keeping plentiful sludge in ABR with good running, but channel flow will form when sludge is too much, which will effect the forming of granuler sludge and efficency of reactor, so it is suitable that the height of sludge bed lower than two thirds of effective depth. Seven are setup between chamber in order to preserve sludge in reactor and chambers, and large number of coast can be pincl if this means is adopted in projects; (7) The comparation results between measure data and forecast data prove that the kenetic model is good when forecast COD of outflow from chambers.

17. preserve from在线翻译

17. From the political point of view, there is one thing that I can state clearly and positively, and that is that China seeks to preserve world peace and stability, not to destroy them.

18. 911查询·英语单词

18. Jam differs from jelly in its inclusion of fruit pulp or whole fruit; whole-fruit jam is sometimes called preserve.

19. This bystander looks like also calculated that the person neat family happiness speaking of Sam not to be possible saying that she is a servant likely, but is not the member such is tired out from the press is living, the name is to let the deceased father's Slap-bang shop continue preserve.

20. At the same time, Congress and the White House have decided to preserve a $70 billion measure - supported by an influential group of moderate Republicans in the Senate - that would shield millions of middle-income Americans from the alternative minimum tax, or AMT, a levy originally designed to hit the wealthy.

preserve from 单语例句

1. Recent TV reports show how each family has maintained a cistern on their land to preserve rainwater and store water from nearby streams.

2. The preserve's ecological system has received a great deal of attention from the Tianjin municipality government.

3. The residents manually move vegetation from areas that will be mined to nearby areas, helping to preserve local ecology.

4. He said that it was no easy job to preserve an endangered species from extinction.

5. The objective of the protocol is to protect and preserve the marine environment from all sources of pollution.

6. The bigger question for them is how to preserve that essence after their departures from the stage.

7. The IMF cautioned that emerging economies may experience spillover effects from the financial crisis and it was important that they preserve economic stability.

8. Seafood delicacies ranging from lobster to sablefish are prepared and cooked in simple ways to preserve their natural flavors.

9. Instead of waiting for help from the government, people have tapped into their local knowledge to preserve natural resources and cultural traditions.

10. We should always try to preserve this beautiful scene and make it sustainable, we should not be renaming it and hoping to make a profit from it.

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